The benevolent helper of the less fortunate and a motivator of the young generation, Shri Mamraj Agarwala is the eldest son to Late Shri Deepchand & Late Shrimati Lakshmi Devi Agarwala born at Khansama, Dinajpur (North Bengal) on 11th February, 1930.

A philanthropist by nature with a vision of a stronger India in every aspect, Shri Mamraj Agarwala has devoted his life to the progress of the less fortunate and lending support to brilliant minds of the new generation. He has taken path breaking steps in the fields of health and education. A great admirer and strict follower of the teachings of the Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, Shri Mamraj Agarwala has maintained discipline and demonstrated perseverance in all aspects of his life personal, family, business and social.

A simple person whose unwavering commitment has penetrated into his entire family and now receives their unconditional support. Shri Mamraj Agarwala has successfully involved every member of his family to ensure the continuity of such divine activities by instilling his aspirations deep in every body's heart. His social endeavors have been an inspiration and have helped in spreading his loving attitude amongst all and sundry. Through his constant efforts he aims to inspire each and every person that he comes in contact with, to take up the noble cause. Along with his late wife Jayatri Devi Agarwala, who shared his vision of a better tomorrow, Shri Mamraj Agarwala has set up organizations solely for the purpose of helping people; Mamraj Agarwal

Foundation and Mamraj Jayatri Trust. Shri Mamraj Agarwala has always stood at the forefront, ever ready to lend a helping hand to the underprivileged. Emboldened by a noble spirit he has always stepped forward to help those who need it. His contribution in the field of health care has been remarkable & noteworthy. He has been organizing free eye check up camps throughout the nation, conducting cataract operations and free distribution of spectacles. He also operates free homeo clinics and has donated a large number of ambulances to medical institutions to provide emergency medical support.

Shri Mamraj Agarwala's pen-ultimate goal has been to spread literacy throughout the country. He has always supported the young and promoted their desire for education. His mission has been to motivate and encourage children to pursue higher studies. He has been distributing free school uniforms to the poor, to instill in them a sense of pride in receiving education. He has given significant donations to academic institutions and scholarships to poor children, who wish to study. He has been felicitating brilliant students by awarding their achievements in academics, in association with eminent personalities at prestigious places like Raj Bhavan, Kolkata and Raj Bhavan, Jaipur.

Shri Mamraj Agarwala strongly believes that every effort, however small it may be, goes a long way if combined together. Even today, at the age of 80, nothing can dissuade him from fulfilling his mission of serving the poor and needy. He wishes to continue his activities and contribute to the development of the society and building a brighter and better nation for tomorrow. All his family members and friends have joined their hands strongly to carry the baton and take his legacy forward.
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