Future Plans
Shri Mamraj Agarwala an enthusiast by nature is working towards empowering the younger generation of India to make themselves self sufficient and grow as a powerful leaders of the nation. He wants to eradicate blindness, especially caused by cataract which is responsible for more than 60% of total blindness in the elderly.

Shri Mamraj Agarwala wants to continue to motivate brilliant students by providing recognition at highest places and enable them to become great leaders of tomorrow.

He wants to eradicate illiteracy by supporting the poor in the form of free uniforms, books etc. on a much larger scale.

With the divine motive to ensure that these activities are continued in future he has a vision to build a Corpus which is self sufficient & supports these activities elping it grow in a manner that one day these activities are performed on a larger scale with a pan India presence.

Shri Mamraj Agarwala plans to construct and operate schools, colleges, vocational centers etc. where the young ones are educated and trained to become men of substance with an aim to combat illiteracy & poverty thus taking his mission forward.

He also plans to set up and operate medical institutes, hospitals and dispensaries with world class equipment and instruments necessary to build a healthy and prosperous India.

Shri Mamraj Agarwala
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